Thursday, May 1, 2014

Surprise Update!

I've been waiting for what seems to be forever (it's really been only a little over a month......) to hear from my agency with a dossier update. I finally got one Tuesday! My completed dossier was mailed to B on Friday. AND IT WAS RECEIVED IN COUNTRY ON TUESDAY!!!

Next steps- translation, B approval, and then registered. Once it is registered, I am able to receive a referral for my kiddo at any time.

As always, thanks for the support through this long, emotional process. As I explained in the last post, the adoption process is very expensive. If you'd like to help bring an orphan home, I've set up a paypal fundraiser. The link is on the sidebar. All donations will be used for my adoption expenses to bring my baby home. Thanks, friends! You're amazing!

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