Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moving on!

I received my I-800A approval notice from the Department of Homeland Security! This approval says that I am approved to adopt a child from B that meets the criteria I requested (age, gender, and health status) and that once the adoption is finalized in B, and I bring my child home, he or she will immediately become a citizen. Without this approval, I would not be allowed to bring my child home.

With this in hand, my dossier was FINALLY completed. I sent out the dossier to my agency last Tuesday. What a relief to know that (for now) the mountains of paperwork are done. The agency received the packet on Thursday and by Friday they had already sent out the documents to different agencies. All of the paperwork that had been notarized here (pretty much EVERY page in the dossier) has to go to Florida's Secretary of State to receive an Apostille. The FBI background checks (yes, seriously- we had to do those) go to the U.S. State Department to receive their Apostille. This form will be attached to each of my papers, verifying the signature or notarization on it. I am told this process should take about two weeks and then my completed dossier will be sent to Bulgaria!

As always, thank you again for your well wishes and continued support. It means everything to me as I pursue this dream.