Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's A Girl!

YOU GUYS! I got a referral! I have been matched with a beautiful 10 year old girl. And.... I get to meet her September 14!!!!! I'm in panic mode now because I leave in 18 days to fly out to her country. So much to do. I was not anticipating getting a referral quite this quickly. I'm over the moon excited and terrified all at once.

I can't share any pictures on social media right now since she is an orphan. What I can say is she has been in the orphanage setting for her entire 10 year life in her home country. And she needs OUT. She needs a home and a family. She needs quality medical care and a good education. She needs US. Now. This first trip is to meet her and to formally "accept" the referral. I will spend 5 days meeting with her daily to get to know her. Then I come home without her for 4-6 months. Yes. Months. And then I get to travel again to bring her home.

My sweet, sweet 8 year old asked if she could help me raise money to get her sister home by designing a t-shirt. How could I say no to her? She picked out the color pink because "She's a girl!". Make sure you check out the front AND back of the shirt. My baby girl is so proud of her design. ;-) https://www.bonfirefunds.com/bringing-her-home

If you'd like to help another way, but don't want to purchase a shirt, you can make a donation to my tax-deductible account here https://www.adopttogether.org/laughlin I have about $10,000 due in legal and agency fees (ransom to get her home!) in the next month or two, with more to come a few months after that.

This long journey is finally just beginning! :-)