Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yet another update!

Hello, again! Just another quick update for those who have been asking where I'm at now in the process. My dossier was officially registered in country in mid-July. That means I'm on the waiting list for a child. The wait time currently is about three years. But sometimes things move faster, and I could receive a referral at any point. People have been known to get their referral in as little as 5 or six months. So basically.... I hurry up and wait. ;-) And when the time is right, I'll have my kiddo.

While we're waiting, as you know, I've already had two fundraisers. Thank you to everyone who participated by either purchasing or sharing. You're all awesome. I'm happy to announce that I have my next plan up and running ---- and this one won't cost you anything! :-) It's super easy for you and just in time for holiday shopping. Follow any of the below links, make whatever purchase you were going to make anyways, and I get a small amount back. I will use all of the income I earn to help with my next fees. It's a win/win for everyone! As always, I appreciate your love and support in getting my baby home. Whenever that may be.

To help get you started with shopping I've put a few additional search links here: