Monday, October 28, 2013


A very sobering thought hit me the other day. The waiting time for a referral for a child in B right now is 2-3 years on average. I've requested a child between the ages of 2-4. There is a very real possibility that my child is sitting in an orphanage right now. Waiting. Wondering. Is he or she happy? Lonely? Hungry? Sick?

I put a lot of thought into choosing to adopt from B. I was almost swayed a few times into going with a different country. But deep down, something in my gut made me stay on this path. I believe my child is waiting for me. This child has been selected for me to parent. Eventually, this child will know me as Mommy- the one to comfort, heal, educate, and love him. But until then... he or she will be growing up in an institution. I can only hope that my child and all of the other orphans are loved and well taken care of until their forever families arrive.

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